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Street Food Hoi An – Stuff Your Stomach with 5 USD

Hoi An, needless to say, is such a famous name to most of the tourists once coming to Vietnam. Thanks to its charming ancient beauty, it is included in one of the must-go destination in every trip. Besides, talking about Hoi An isn’t all about amazing and antique places but also about the gastronomy that might be called unique and hard to be imitated. Let us show you how to have a walk around Hoi An and enjoy many street food Hoi An with only 5 dollars in your pocket!

1. Ms. Phuong’s Bread Shop – 2B Phan Chu Trinh Street
Getting up in a peaceful morning in Hoi An, you would wonder where to have breakfast. Having to say, breakfast, to almost Vietnamese people, is the most important meal of day since they will work very hard till evening; therefore; it is essential to provide enough energy for a day, especially the morning. Because of that, “banh mi”, or bread rolls with various fillings, is really common in Vietnam in general and in Hoi An in particular, where “banh mi” can …

Best places to visit Rice terraces in Vietnam

If talking about the most beautiful landscapes in Vietnam, you cannot bypass stunning rice terraces lying on superb mountains of Vietnam. With hundreds year-experience in rice production, Vietnamese farmers, especially ones who live in the Northern mountain region, learnt how to adapt to different terrains. Therefore, rice terraces Vietnam were formed a long time ago and is known as a unique culture and famous tourist attraction as well which anyone visiting Vietnam cannot miss.

To contemplate the greatest scenery of rice terraces fields, 2 things you must know are the right place and the best time to visit it.
Where is the right place to see terraced field? In Vietnam, there are many rice terraces and top 3 from them we recommend: Hoang Su Phi, Mu Cang Chai and Sapa.
Rice terraces of Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang province (300km from Hanoi)

Rice terraces Hoang Su Phi is known as the most beautiful one in Vietnam with bright yellow in majestic mountains. It is located in 6 co…

Bac Son Valley - Ideal Place for Photography Travelers

Bac Son valley located in Lang Son province about 160 km northeast of Hanoi, is a popular destination for photographer, especially during the peak season in July when the rice fields getting ripe and the color is turning yellow. The mountains surrounding, together with the valley’s paddy fields, create a great scenic landscape that attracts many photo lovers during the rice season.

From April to November, the rice fields cover the valley and landscape becomes so green and beautiful, it looks really stunning from the mountain’s peak. There are two crops of rice during these period, that why the valley is known as the green paradise. Especially on July and November the time when the rice getting ripe and the color is turning golden, ready for the harvests. July and November are the favorite time for photographers to come and hunt for beautiful photos. October and November are advised to be the best time to travel to Bac Son valley for both weather and scenery.

For photograp…