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3 Most expected festivals 2018 in Da Nang

If you are planing your trip to Da Nang in 2018, there are many exciting events which might attract you, these are some of the three major festivals in Da Nang might raise your travel ideas and hope to help you plan your wonderful trip in 2018. International Fireworks Festival 2018 This is annual festival takes place in Da Nang and this year 2018 is the organization of the 9th International Fireworks Festival or DIFF 2018. The festival will take place within 2 months on Saturday or Sunday night. It is expected that 2018 fireworks Da Nang will be attended by eight teams from: Vietnam, Poland, France, USA, Italy, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Portugal. The schedule is as follows: Night of April 29: Vietnam – Poland
Night of May 26: France – America
Night of June 2: Hong Kong – Italy
Night of June 9: Portugal – Sweden
Night of June 30: Final and award As of 2017, this year’s fireworks space will remain at the same location on the Han River – the iconic river of beautiful Da Nang city. This is n…